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You Choose Malta, Mgarr Farms Malta
You Choose
With Mgarr Farms, we give you the advantage to save your precious time and shop 24*7. You can choose all your fruit and veg from a large variety of products. E-mail us if you need anything else apart from our list and we will make our utmost to supply you.
We Prepare Malta, Mgarr Farms Malta
We Prepare
Buying your fruit & vegetables from Mgarr Farms will be a life changing for you. It is such great value for quality, meaning the fruit and vegetables will stay fresh long enough for you to eat them. This is ensured by a trained staff and a quality check from our responsible at Mgarr Farms. Fruit is harvested and prepared in the least time possible to ensure farm to fork fresh fruit and vegetables from Mgarr Farms.
We Deliver Malta, Mgarr Farms Malta
We Deliver
With Mgarr Farms, You do not need to waste your energy and time stuck in traffic, because we will take care of it. we will make sure our clients are satisfied in every way possible, we will deliver your order straight to your doorstep. Choose your preferred delivery time when you check out.

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Get your hands on the freshest, most delicious seasonal produce, grown and prepared near you. 

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Get your hands on the freshest, most delicious seasonal produce, grown and perpared near you.

We all know that locally grown food tastes much better since they...

With a lifetime of generations, we specialize in the growing of fresh fruit & vegetables. Apart from our produce,...

Our mission is to bring you and your family healthy organic and natural produce, and to support our local farmers. We make sure that we deliver only the most delicious fruits and veggies to our...